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About Me

After all, isn’t it better for us to ask and find the answer before our customers do?

I take pride in decluttering the digital experience for customers, finding more efficient processes, and asking hard questions.


How I got started in user research

Since 2012, I’ve focused on user research — conducting user interviews, developing user personas, and creating prototypes — for digital projects in various industries.

Currently, as a product designer at VMware Tanzu Labs, I spend my workday working alongside product managers and engineers as we build digital products for government clients.

Industries I've worked in

Government, higher education, nonprofit, association, entertainment, and startup


Clients include: 

  • Federal: DHS, DOD, ED, FAA, HUD, NIH, USAID

  • American Epilepsy Society

  • Tagr

  • Kitchen Table

  • Girls at Work

  • The Wendy Show

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